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May 09 2016


Fonts speak louder than words


Having problems designing your poster, leaflet and banner for maxi-mum impact? Whilst an image might speak one thousand words, your choice of font says a lot too. - roller banner printing
Design is not about just great imagery, it�s also about great fonts. Designers throughout the global spend hours designing beautiful fonts to provide us endless possibilities. In the popular Helvetica towards the historic New Baskerville, here�s an accumulation of our favourites fonts.
Helvetica - a fantastic all-rounder
Apply it to: letterheads, brochures, banners etc.
Made with legibility to assist clear communication becasue it is primary objective, Helvetica is omnipresent today on virtually any computer. Coded in 1957 by Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoff-man, it�s a beautifully crafted font which is quite popular it even features its own feature length film called... Helvetica.
Proxima Nova - looks great BIG!
Apply it to: PVC banners, exhibition stand or roller banners.
Bridging the visible difference between Futura and Akzidenz Grotesk it makes sense a modern font having a geometric appearance. Developed by Mark Simonson in 2005, we believe it�s an excellent �un as well as the lightweight looks great massive.
Open Sans - perfect for small text
Use it on: business card printing, flyers and leaflets for excellent readability.
Designed by Steve Matteson and commissioned by Google, who thought it had an "upright stress, open forms along with a neutral, yet friendly appearance".
It�s the most popular font useful for Web and small font size applica-tions due to its large vertical-height (tall lower-case letters). It�s not just liberated to download and entirely on most devices, but it�s the state font for your UK Labour Party.
New Baskerville - works supremely along with body copy
Put it on for: brochures and leaflet body copy.
A serif font is a which has small decorative lines put into enhance the form of the smoothness. New Baskerville is just about the best one around.
Developed by Mr Baskerville himself in 1757, it has aged ex-tremely well. Plus, both the roman and italic work nicely together or individually.
Franklin Gothic - Another good all-rounder and appearance good printed at most sizes
Apply it: PVC banners as a result of A6 flyers.
Born in the USA!
It encapsulates everything American at the outset of the twentieth Century, 1902 to be precise. Bold, brash and assured. This font is effective like a headline so when along with a softer body type.
If this type of hasn�t got your creativity flowing, why not check out our design online options or give us a call, we�ll gladly help.
Plus we could support all of your printing needs in one location! Take a look at our stationery packages, leaflet printing, banners and far, much more� - roller banner printing

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